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札幌でシンガーソングライターとして、ソロで音楽活動を行っておりますThe ABEE(ジ・エイビー)のブログです。おかげさまで、月間30,000PVを突破致しました。普段自身の公式サイトでは語らない事などをこちらのブログにて書かせていただきます。

Let me introduce myself.


Thank you for becoming a reader!!

I'm a Japanese Sapporo Singer Song Writer
The ABEE(ジ・エイビー).


I am a singer-songwriter performing music activity in Japan.
I work on music under the pretense of

Hyper POP

in the music of own.

With recording machine parts, I perform a guitar vocal backed by a performance, the band sound that I recorded in own.

The ABEE -Live Digest Video 2016- Hyper POP - YouTube


Depending on live performance, I perform a guitar vocal by acoustic sound.



The ABEE(ジ・エイビー) (@abee_music) | Twitter

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Japanese Singer Song Writer - The ABEE(ジ・エイビー)



New Track!!

The ABEE Demo CD - 2017 Mix- Trailer

Japanese Sapporo Singer Song Writer
The ABEE(ジ・エイビー)
Original Music -Demo CD- 2017 Mix

1,GIRL (Words&Music…The ABEE)
2,ENTRANCE (Words&Music…The ABEE)
3,LATIR(ラティール) [Words&Music…The ABEE]
Vocal.The ABEE
All instruments(Guitar.Bass.Drum.)
All Mix/Mastering


Basically The ABEE’s Music is


 I perform musical piece production using these four musical instruments.

 I do the recording of these musical instruments with one almost all.

The vocal records it in a house or a studio,

I almost record a guitar and the base in a house.


About the drum…A microphone and the microphone stand which borrowed a studio, and borrowed there voluntarily 4-5 (in Bass Drum,Snare Drum,High-hat,Toms,Cymbals,etc…)
I put it up and record a sound.


If is true; Bass Drum,Snare Drum,High-hat,Toms,Floor Toms,Ride Cymbals,each Cymbals,etc…By setting, I appoint Mike as each set well and want to take the sound well,

Because there is the matter of time, Mike of the drum records there with 4-5 as much as possible.


In this way, I record a vocalist guitar base drum voluntarily.

Basically,I perform musical piece production with a form voluntarily.
Composition → words → recording, arrangement → mixing and mastering
…I almost go with one of me!

Look at these contents by all means if you have time!

The ABEE meets a support guitarist at the present and often performs live broadcasting.


The ABEE composes the original song of a woman singer and performs the musical piece offer.



There is an aim,"I want to tell many people the music that I made with oneself".

As for me, there is the feeling "that I send music for because one's music that I made wants many people to listen".

As for me, there is the feeling "that I send music out for because one's music that I made wants many people to listen".


It may be that it is my biggest aim, purpose to want you to come to like my music.


Because The ABEE(ジ・エイビー) will send information through blog in the music activity of own and various things in future; thanking you in advance!


Thank you for reading blog till the last!
Continuously thanking you in advance!


See You!